Some Cool Picks for Keeping Up with the Trendy Bohemian Collection

Come summer and it’s time for you to shift the gear and revamp your wardrobe! With winter biding a cool adieu, it’s time to welcome the sunny summer with...

Come summer and it’s time for you to shift the gear and revamp your wardrobe! With winter biding a cool adieu, it’s time to welcome the sunny summer with your new collection of dresses. So, why not garage your woollen knitted high necks and replenish the collection with something exciting, bright and trendy for this summer?

There are loads of fashion trends to mark the departure of the nail-biting cold season, but let’s talk about the Boho style clothing which goes perfectly hand in hand with the summer months! Bohemian style is perhaps an amazing way to give you a head start for this summertime. If you think you are still perplexed about acquiring a perfect bohemian look, then look no further! You have landed at the right page. Let’s find out some unique up-to-the-minute combinations of bohemian dresses which you can consider for any upcoming summer events, casual wear or office attire.summer wear

Trendy Look

How about a relaxed garb which would be more of casual and boast about comfort? A combination of bright shorts can be rightly paired with a retro striped top or a flutter sweater hanging loose on one side of your shoulder can give you a trendy look. Bear a sporty look by coupling up your getup with white sneakers, trendy neckpiece studded with beads and a cool hat.

Want to sport a rock style look which is a bit rough on the edges? Do not think twice before picking up the summer pants topped with eye-catchy dark tops ensuring that you are showered with tons of compliments. A perfect addition to the ensemble would be nothing apart from slightly oversized vibrant tops tucked with studded accessories, leather bag, belts and high heels.

Funky Look

Who says skirts are tailored just for those model-bodies bikini figures? Bohemian style groovy skirts are easy to find and are just perfect to lend a decked up smart look. Pair it with knitted dark tops, hand bracelets, a perfect headband and surely big pendants.

Cool Look

If you have a taste for glam and bling, then who is going to stop you from heading towards the exciting knitwear which would not be too much revealing, but would speak a lot about your fashion sense! You would love to savour the comfort and feel of the knitwear which are in vogue now and can be flawlessly teamed up with shorts, pants or skirts of your choice and colour.

Personality Booster Look

You would just be taken aback by the startling dress collection that Bohemian fashion has to offer from knee length to floor length. Available in a broad spectrum of fabrics and hues, these are simply best to go for those who know how well to blend style with character.

Beach Dress

Ready for a sunbath and a beach party soon? What else can be more chic other than the swimwear? Make sure to have at least one-of-its-kind in your wardrobe. Brace your style with pearl jewellery, sunshades and a funky handbag.

Gorgeous Print

Opt for jumpsuits with floral prints ornamenting the knee length outfits. Don’t hesitate to pick up serene and soothing fabric and do not forget the stilettoes to balance the garb.

You could choose clothing from a variety of materials, brilliant designs and sophisticated fabric to pamper yourself with that special look you have been looking for.


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